With an unsurpassed work ethic three brothers started a small paving business in Tullahoma, Tennessee. The "Tinsley Brothers" along with their families and a dedicated team of employees set in motion events that would prove to make the company a force to be reckoned with in the asphalt, paving and construction industry. It didn't take long for three boys from Charlotte, Tennessee to make a name for themselves. Their no-nonsense approach and hard work was paying off.

As the company grew, the Tinsley name became synonymous with hard work, quality, competitive pricing, and a knowledge base that surpassed all others. The company has gone through many changes throughout the years but something that has never changed is a love for the business that the Tinsley family still possesses. Combine that with the work ethic passed down by one of the Founders and President, Eddie Tinsley and you have what is now known as Tinsley Asphalt. Experience makes a difference on the job-site and Tinsley proudly brings that to the table.